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Aerotopia specializes in the content and technology that powers location-
based applications. With more than two decades of experience, Aerotopia's
team has built a solid reputation for helping clients find the best technology
and data to match their needs.




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Areas of Expertise

Aerotopia assists companies with location-based product development,
geo-content and technology assessment, strategic planning, and revenue
optimization. By shortening the time-to-market for products, services or to
gain market share, Aerotopia brings independent, critical expertise to your
project when the costs, benefits and risks are high.

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Future Vision

Aerotopia actively tracks geo technology trends and innovation touching a broad spectrum of markets. Some key areas of research include: location-based advertising, hyper-local content, location-enabled social networking, pedestrian & indoor navigation, as well as augmented reality.





our experience

Aerotopia brings years of executive level experience, including C-level positions in a number of leading spatial companies. We look forward to continuing to help our clients succeed in the location-based marketplace.


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UrbanDive (Pages Jaunes)

Local Search

Rich Local Media

Content Syndication